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Brand new, still in box. Bought it for my own car, but that was sold in the meantime.

Text from DSS:
This is the complete Carbon Fiber driveshaft for the R33 Skyline GT-R.This is a 3.25″ High Modulus Carbon Fiber shaft that uses a CV in the rear but has had the internals changed to a higher grade chromoly and is a direct bolt on. This single shaft eliminate the factory 2 piece shaft. By removing the factory 2 piece shaft the car will lose the excessive motion caused by the hanger bearing moving up and down when you step on the gas. This will make the car react faster to throttle input and make the car feel more responsive. Rated to 1200HP with a 1-year warranty. Here are some of the other benefits of our Carbon Fiber shafts:

1. Direct-fit flange to mount up to the transmission
2. 3.250″ High Modulus Carbon fiber tube with New DSS bond method. The Tube is smaller than others offered so there will be no clearance or heat issues.
3. New version 300M Spline for the CV mount that is stronger than the rest of the shaft
4. Custom modified High Speed 108mm CV with special boot and grease that is a direct fit to stock differential flange.
5. All Hardware included
6. 1 Year Warranty
7. 1200HP Rated
8. Balanced on one of the most sophisticated balancing machines in the industry.
9. Carbon shaft will be about 1-2lbs lighter than the Aluminum shafts but are much more torsional and will reduce noise in the cabin.

Price: 1.345 EUR
Location: DK-Denmark
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