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Here for sale is my GTR with very high spec, no expenses were spared when this monster was built with all high quality parts i have receipts adding to over £35k just to get it to this standard.

ALL work was carried out by RKTUNING the engine has only covered around 3-4k so it’s good as new, for such a high powered car its starts and idles very smooth.

Low boost is set at 1.3 bar and high at 1.8bar the car at high boost is a hand full to handle so it’s not for the faint hearted.


R33 block bored and machine faced to 86.50mm
New cup core plugs changed
Nissan L26 race gearing
All new gasket and seals fitted
Lap Crankshaft journals
J.E forged pistons
Eagle H-Beam con-rods with ARP 2000 fasteners
ACL Rod bearings
ACL main bearings
ARP main bolts
RKTuning 7Liter sump
Tomei oil restrictor
Jun oil pump
N1 water pump
ATI Crank pulley
Engine torque damper kit
Nismo oil cap
RKTuning power steering tank
RKTuning Chrome oil catch can, fuse cover and over flow bottle cover

Cylinder head:

Fully rebuilt cylinder head
Strip Clean, Decoke, Block machined and ported
New valve stem seals
Reface valves and Lap valves
Vacume test the valves
Machine face of Cylinder head
HKS high lift cams
HKS adjustable cam pulleys
HKS cam belt
HKS Head gasket 1.2mm thickness
ARP head studs
RKTuning rocker cover chrome/silver spray
RKTuning uprated coilpack
RKTuning head modification

Fuelling and intake:

2x bosh in tank fuel pumps
Nismo fuel pressure regulator
High pressure fuel hoses
New inlet manifold gaskets
HKS temp sensor
koyo alloy ticker radiator
Samco radiator pipes
Radiator cooling panel
Revotec electronic fan control
Oil cooler with relocation kit

Turbo kit & exhaust:

Precision T76 turbo (recently fully rebuilt with uprated wheels for more boost and power)
Braided oil lines
Uprated exhaust manifold for single turbo
All metal gaskets
Precision external wastegate with screamer pipe
Full straight through exhaust system with japspeed 4” backbox
HKS twin air filters with custom made pipe
HKS Race Intercooler
HKS intake pipes with samcos

Transmission / suspension / brakes:

Rebuilt gearbox
Triple plate clutch kit
Uprated gearbox and engine mounts
RKTuning Hicas lockout kit
Uprated front diff
Tein adjustable racing gold coilovers
Uprated camber arms, tension rods, rear arms
Ksport big 8 pot brake kit 356mm brake disc
Brembo rear brakes with new pads fitted
Braided brake lines

ECU & Electronics:

HKS EVC 6 boost controller
HKS turbo timer
Boost gauge

Interior / exterior:

Stock Phase 2 interior seats
Red SPARCO seat harnesses
Full 7 point roll cage
MOMO steering wheel
Sparco Snap off kit
ripspeed screen cd player
Uprated speakers
Full professional pearl white respary with gliter shine effect looks very nice at night.
Do-luck kit fitted all around
Rota sun 18” rims with new tyres all around
Aero catch bonnet pins

price: £16000

if anymore information or pictures are required then please just ask.


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Car looks very nice.

Probably worth calling Ron and getting the exact spec of the engine in particular, any potential buyer would want hard facts not assumptions.

If it's a 2.7 stroker, would be interesting to know what crank/piston combo was used to achieve this?

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Awesome car that. Excellent spec fella. Glwts

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86.5mm isn't really and extra 0.1ltr? Or is it.

More interested in the fact it states stroke, which would point to a larger throw of the crank and shorter piston to accommodate the throw.

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I mite be interested in this.. But would need some hard facts around engine internals, my guess prolly standard I mite be wrong. :popcorn:

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I mite be interested in this.. But would need some hard facts around engine internals, my guess prolly standard I mite be wrong. :popcorn:
This is definitely not a stock engine. Everything that I have listed is from the invoice of the engine build.

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Lol some people are funny. The guy has the invoices etc. Ring the tuner if you are genuinely interested
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