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Hi to all i am a new-be to this site and i must say all look cool so far. i have always had a big love for the legendary skyline but manly have owned big 4x4's i have 3 mastiff dogs and do a lot of extreme sports so the 4x4 has been good but me and the wife have two so we are selling one to fund a car but just the other day i found a NISSAN STAGEA RS4 wow...... i did not know this existed and it ticks all the right box's.
so we are now looking for one LOL.....
we well be going for a 1997 rs4 they seam to go for a very far price for the car and would love to add the r34 front body kit looks very hot.
Can any one tell us wot to look out for we live in sunny torquay devon so if there is any meet ups soon so we can meet and chat to find out any more info that would be good.
thanks hope you can help.....
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