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hi all, just a quick hello from me. Im new to the forum but not to the cars currently own an r32 gtr had it for 5yrs and love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, looking forward to show season and meets! As thats the one thing ive not been able to do for yrs and will be nice to meet with other owners. Im in east sussex so if anyones close then would be good arrange a meet. take it easy all.:D

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1994 R32 GTR

Bought as a standard car so it hasn't had a massive amount done to it yet but it is a work in progress.


exedy twin plate clutch
Japspeed short shifter
blitz sus intake
Greddy intercooler
nismo strut brace with master cylinder stopper
splitfire coil packs

Exhaust:due for replacement due to being too quiet lol.

Kakimoto cat back system with decat pipe

Brakes:recently refitted the car out with Ksports, of which i find are a massive improvement over standard brakes and are great for the money!

front:K sport 330mm 8 pot, ds2500 pads
rear: K sport 330mm 4 pot, ds2500 pads



Wheels:recently removed rays nismo lmgt4s and replaced with

Work Emotion xd9 18x10 in matt bronze with 245/40/18 eagle f1s all round

A big thanks to matt and miguel at NEWERA for these lovly wheels.


Full nismo kit-n1 rear spoiler,side skirts,rear spats,bonnet lip and bumper vents
Dspeed clear indicators- NEWERA sourced
Rocket dancer rear flap- NEWERA sourced awaiting fitment.


omp corsica dished wheel (needed for the extra leg room)
matching suede gaitors
hks turbo timer
hks oil pressure guage - in pillar pod
hks boost guage- in pillar pod
4wd/rwd split switch

So my list is very short but will hopefully be A4 pages long by the time i finish what i want to have done

Last time i had it on the dyno it was @ 383bhp so as you can guess pretty much close to standard,

however I have a list as everyone does and work will get done in the near future

I plan to take the car to around 500hp which i hope will be quite a nice power and wont compromise the reliability overall.
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