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NPOC LEJOG (Lands End to John O'Groats) 2010

On Saturday March 27-28th 2010, three members of the staff team over at the Nissan Primera Owners Club will embark on a charity drive for CancerCare , a charity close to the heart of many people who have had Cancer touch the lives of those close to them.

The partner of one of the guys was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2009 and to highlight the great help they and thousands of others receive from the charity, this is a great way of giving something back.

From the starting line at Gosport Hampshire, the guys will drive down to Lands End, take the drive all the way up to John O'Groats and then straight back down to Gosport! This puts the team on the road for a minimum of 1800 miles and a cool 35hrs. Apart from short stops on the way, the chaps will drive constantly and complete the drive within the weekend.

If you would like to donate to the cause on this event, please do so online at the official site which can be found at JustGiving. Please ensure to include which forum you are from so the world knows who you are and so we can be sure to thank you for your donation.

The team will be blogging all through the journey to keep us up to date with their progress. Many people are heading out to donate in person in their part of the country so photos will be flowing along the way. The blog also includes a real time location map which shows exactly where the team is. This and more information can be found at the Blog.

Best of luck to the guys, it's going to be a tough weekend having three big lads living, eating and sleeping in one car for two solid days!

Many thanks for your interest.


Also would like to say great thanks to the staff team here on GTROC for allowing us to post this on here. Thanks guys. :thumbsup:
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