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Hi Guys.

Newbie to th forum and love the place. Wanted to all show you my first Import. A mint 600HP NUR R32 GTR. Recently imported 2 days, These are the pics of it as of this time, Hope to take it for a photoshooot soon. Below are some Specs and Pics. Enjoy.


BNR34 (NUL24U) engine loading.
N1 86.5 piston.
N1 Water pump.
N1 OIL pump.
A starter and every place hose relationship commutation.
TOMEI Combination metal gasket KIT.
HKS STEP1 IN/EX264 cam shaft.
HKS Slide cam pulley.
Suzuka specification Original mass OIL bread.
Original G strainer.
RH-9 Crank dumper pulley.
Aluminum Water pump pulley.
995mm Enhancement WIDE belt.
TRUST 517Z-8.0CM twin turbo.
TRUST Racing blow-off valve.

Fuel system.
Tomei Mass fuel pump.
SARD 800cc Injecter.
TRUST Fuel delivery pipe.
SARD Fuel leguletter.
Arlus mesh brake line.

Cooling system.
Three layer Intercooler of TRUST WIDE.
TRUST Intercooler pipe.
TRUST Three layer type Radiator of R aluminum.
16 steps of HKS OIL air conditioner.

Inhalation of air and an exhaust relationship.
TRUST MX front desk pipe.
APEX N1 muffler.
HKS Power flow air cleaner.

A drive and a brake relationship.
HKS Twin plate clutch.
BREMBO F50 brake system.
ENDLESS Brake rotor.
The mass brake master for R33 GT-R N1.
EARLS Stainless steel mesh brake line.

Suspension relationship.
ZEAL Exception notes Suzuka full-course dinner specification (another tank type) carriage quantity co ordination.
F&R Suzuka specification Giometree change implementation.
F&R Ohtori fine stabilizer.
MDORI land improvement Stepless co ordination type front desk upper arm.
all rear arms Full piro KIT press fit.
Rear member New one commutation.
NISMO Enhancement rear member bush .
CUSCO Rear co ordination type upper mount.
IKEYA FORMULA Chlorofluocarbon loa arm.
IKEYA FORMULA Roll center adapter.
TEIN piro lot.

Body system.
CUSCO Front desk tower bar.
CUSCO Rear carbon shaft Tower bar.

Controller &CPU.
APEX Power FC computer (with a commander).
TRUST SBC-ID boost controller.
TRUST Boost meter.
HKS Circuit attack counter.
NISMO Full-scale white 320KM meter.
NISMO 3 white meter.

Interior relationship.
RECARO SP-G bucket seat.
RECARO SR reclining seat.
MOMO Peach race steering.
Four SABELT type harness.
NISMO Duralumin Shift knob.

Coating relationship.
Do-Luck AERO WIVERN Front bumper.
Do-Luck AERO WIVERN Side step.
Do-Luck AERO WIVERN Rear bumper.
GT-ULTIMA Front desk carbon .
One-off Carbon canard.
SARD FUJI 3D carbon GT wing (white gel).Earo Carbon bonnet.
ENKEI RP-F1 18 inch aluminum wheel.
POTENZA RE01-R 245-40-18.
N1 beef-fat light.
BELLOF H4HiLOW change type HID light.


Let me know what you think.

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Hi and welcome to the forum
Great stuff, you bought it streight from Global Auto? Saw it for sale there, great bit of car and for a bargain price:cool:

Take some pics in near future . .

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Exterior seems simple enough but the outside says its all business. Looks like a mean circuit car as apposed to a street car.

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Need to get it all sorted for road use at the moment.

@ gtrlux - Purchased it from OverDrive Japan

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to be honest im not a huge fan of the R32 looks wise

however this car looks beautiful love it

just get robson leather in there

wouldnt mind a R32 if its going to look like that and with that spec

hope you have many happy miles

an welcome to the forum

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Great looking car there mate. A lovely R32..Welcome to the forum also...:D

BTW, where can I get an:-
N1 beef-fat light
I feel my beef fat needs more adequate lighting :chuckle:

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