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Hey guys,

Was trying to figure out what wheels I should get for my RB26 GTS-4 and I needed a way to determine what dimension wheels would fit in the clearance available.

I ended up hacking together a spreadsheet that compares the clearance of your current wheels to a list of aftermarket wheels. It works pretty well and give a visual indication of how much clearance you will have.

To use: Fill in the highlighted line with your current wheel and clearance specs.
Only the Width, offset, and existing clearance need to be entered.
Use the change inputs to get an idea of how your clearance will change with additional guard rolling etc.

Then enter the Width and Offset for other wheels and the bars will automatically show the clearance change and resulting gap.

If you're lucky you'll find a manufacturer that outputs their sizing in this format, otherwise you will have to type it in.

It also supports inputs for wheel spacers at the top.

Currently in there is my set of Advanti's, and the list of wheels are the BBS LM 18" sizings.

Let me know if it helps you out!


Just take the space out between "http" and "s":
http s://
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