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what were the differences on the early build r32 gt-r's compared to the later mass produced cars if any. some say the engine blocks are better on these cars, are there any other changes.
both my cars are from early and later builds and don't have that many differences that I can pick out apart from interior colour.:bowdown1:

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download nissan FAST software, it'll show u whats different when you compare the individual part numbers, but yes off the top o my head.. the early r32 blocks were stamped with 24U instead of the newer 05U... 24U = more nickel content

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interior colour & texture,
side intrusion bars added on later models,
very early blocks were supposedly stronger,
very late engines had long nose crank snout

That's all I can think of for now

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08/21/'89 BNR32 Shipped

- 02/22/'89 BNR32 NISMO Announced(03/11 Shipped)
Air intake in front bumper
Sub rear spoiler added
Side protector modified
Protection net removed
Air guide for intercooler newly added
Special Turbine
Special exhaust minfold
No ABS, Air Conditioner, rear windshield wiper or audio
Only available gunmetal color

- 07/19/'91 N1 BNR32 announced and shipped
With GT-R NISMO aero parts
No ABS, an Air Conditioner, rear windshield wiper or audio
No cross drilled rotors
brake cooling air guides attached to tension rods
light weight 2 headlight
# After 02/'92 metal turbine wheels

- 08/20/'91 Minor change. Middle model
Bar added in door (50kg weight increase)
Projector light modified(H3C->H1)
Driver's air bag optional
Oil pump drive widened
Cylinder block modified (reinforced partly and lighten)
Rear caliper seal modified
Interior partly changed

- 02/03/'93 Minor change Late model. V-spec added
Rear dif cover fin removed
Clutch modified (push -> pull)
Synchronizers modified
Brembo caliper added(V-spec)
ETS program modified(V-spec)
Tires changed (V-spec: 225/50-17)
BBS mesh special wheel (V-spec)
# N1 model gets to based on V-spec

- 02/14/'94 V-spec2 added
Tire changed 245/45-17
# N1 model gets based on V-spec2
Besides these, ECU, cylinder block and the size of turbine
had been modified some times without notice.
Spot welding is supposedly decreased after '94.

Thats a start :)
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