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Please contact the owner of this car and he can email pics.
i was offered the car by a friend so i do not know the guy who owns it but he has asked me to put it on the board
so i hope it wright for someone here
here are the details.

Jeepers, where do i start?!?!?!
It has just had an Omega / Matchless crowd racing
engine fitted with all associated running gear. There is basically not a
lot left standard on the car apart from the shell!!! Brakes, suspension.lsd.
, strut braces etc all uprated fitted , Engine has a spec list as long
as your arm with mods.
the engine mods have reciept for £12k alone(steel gaskets, etc)). Car Has a years warranty on the car from dealer were it was bought which is transferable (well
july 2002 til july 2003),green flag policy with recovery/breakdown. The
only real changes since the photo are new /better tyres (yokos), privacy
glass fitted and a new alarm and CD player.
The year is 1990 on a `G` plate
the bonus of the mileage (14K!!!),
The cost of fitting the new Omega and running gear
alone was £5400 plus the actual value of the gear.

Hopefully the car can go to a good home and not some arse who will just
wreck the thing!!!

Car was going to used on Cannonball run europe but he is not doing it now


please make offers to jason on 01224 594133
or email him on [email protected]

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Apparently it is, there was also a little pic and some data on it in one of the recent Japanese Performance Mags (not the one with TOTB)

It's Black and has a Supra style rear wing.

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Really desperate now!!

Really, Really, Really must sell the car this week as Rupert who has the vehicle i am after (pajero evolution) has to offload his jeep this week. I cannot purchase without selling the beast first. Would be interested to hear where you get your servicing/tuning done jason as i wouldn`t mind sticking the car on the old rollers to see exactly what its putting out. The old engine with smaller turbos etc was around 450bhp so the new goodies should leave a smile on my face!!
Any offers ( within reason) considered otherwise its getting thrown into the garage til next year at which point i will very probably be single or deaf or both!!!
Having the car really is having an adverse effect on my sex life although another option would be to keep the car and find a chick who likes it!!! hmm never thought of that!!
Seriously though, i will even px the car for a range rover or similar.

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