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*sigh*. Noticed a fair bit of smoke on idle over the weekend... hoped that I might be 'lucky' and just had a knackered turbo seal (although the apexi's are only about 9 months old and having been running a piddling 1.2 bar most of the time).

But... noticed a bit of oily splatter around the water header overflow, and when I looked at the radiator cap, there was a great big blob of oily sludge on it. And the rad was well down on water.

So there we go. If I'm lucky, it'll be a cracked head. If the law of sod prevails as it usually does, it'll be the block, and I'll be looking at another rebuild. Only 11 months since the last one :bawling:.

Wretched cars - they're fantastic when they work, but when they go wrong, boy do they bite!

Just what I need at the moment. :runaway:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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