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My wife has booked us in with you guys on Monday for my 1200 mile Opto. (She will be bringing the car in without me).

So far she has been very impressed with whoever she has been dealing with on the phone in the service/tech department. She called with various service plan and warranty info questions before we bought our car all of which were answered with great detail and helpful attitude.
In her view, the booking in and courtesy car process has been way easier/friendly than the Audi and Merc dealers she has previously dealt with.

Let’s hope we have the same opinion after Monday. :nervous:

As a side note, I was looking to buy a 2013 GTR from your dealership last December but due to a huge amount of miss information (Including the car is not covered by a warranty if we use launch control) from your sales guys I decided I should find an alternative source for the car.

Mark :)
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