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Personally I'll only use either Abbey or Option Motorsport.

Abbey are very professional, always helpful and generally can get any parts you want. I've got an R33 GTST and an R32 GTST. I always use Abbey for servicing, but tend to buy bits and bobs from Option because they are only 5 minutes from my house where as Abbey is nearly 2 hours drive.

Also I've got "yellow fever"....and like going to Option so that I can talk Japan and practice my language skills with Kiki ;-)

Tony and Mark definately know there Skylines, but Kiki knows about all Jap cars. Therefore I feel that Abbey are Skyline Specialists while Option are just Jap car specialists.

Also a nice thing about Option is that they have a nice reception area playing Option Magazine videos and one of them will always offer you tea/coffee.

Just my 2p worth!

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