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Hi guys. Im from New Zealand. Since ive been asking for help i thought i would post up some pics of my gtr on here. Been slowly doing things on her since i brought her in 2011.

This was its first day home. Was extremely happy as you can imagine.
Was hugely different to my ute and alot of fun. Previous owner had done a few stupid things which i set about fixing.

Engine as it was

And then 2 months later i heard a little bit of a tink noise and lost power. Was not thrashing or anything. was slowing down into 70km zone at the time.

This is what had happened!!!!!

Of course i diddnt know that at the time. After towing it to Shred in Wellington all the way from the hawkes bay i found out the issue and the slight failure that had occured. Boy was i pissed. Had only done 110,000km

That of course had some lead on effects such as......

Due to the fins being sucked back through the exhaust valves.
After stripping the engine you could tell the previous owner/owners had not cared for her at all.

This was the oil pump. Would say it had very infrequent services in its life

So now it was time for the rebuild. The block was basicly f****d so decided with the guys at shred and a bit of prodding from a mate to go RB30 instead as would be a similar cost in the end.

Block coming together with its new arp headstuds

Bit of work being done during the rebuild.

Engine back in the car ready for the dyno. Time to start getting excited

Dyno sheet once it was going. Quite pleased really

These photos now are of it after i got it back and started adding my own bits and pieces and probably far to much polishing.

This is how it looks today. The car has been lowered slightly with r34gtr dampers and tanabe lowering springs until i can afford coilovers. Its also got new wheels as the last ones were on hub extenders. They are now Rota Grid2's

A new fuse box cover i got made up.

These following links to youtube are a couple of vids of the car running

Dyno Tune video
RB30 GTR Dyno Run - YouTube

Just a video of the car idling and a walk around it.
A walk around my idling R33 GTR - YouTube

A video i made while out for a weekend drive
R33 GTR Weekend Drive (Rimutakas + Tunnel Driving) - YouTube

Still a bit to do. Want to change the radiator overflow + the washer bottle to alloy and make an alloy cold air box with air scoop similar to standard.
I want to change the front indicator lens to clear instead of orange. Im sure theres alot more too but only think of things as i do them and every time i open the bonnet. lol Oh and replace the air conditioning as mines missing and the air vents just suck hot air right off the motor and it gets damn hot in the car...

So thats my car. Still a work in progress but getting there. I now realise why i have no money. But what better things are there to spend it on??

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It has also recently been broken into, had the ECU stolen when they couldnt figure out how to start the car or find my kill switches. Annoying thing is they broke into a secured storage unit, and cut the padlocks off the doors to get in. Its nice to have it back since it had the new ecu fitted, ad also got an extra few kw, when it came off the dyno.
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