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Anyone interested in a pair of HKS 2530's for spares or repairs?

Both turbochargers have been fully stripped down and inspected by a well known turbocharger specialist.

Both are complete - all parts present.

Both became faulty due to over-heating (no bearing coolant lines present)

One suffered a collapsed bearing.
The second had a bearing that hadn't collapsed, but was on it's way out.

They are HKS 2530 series turbochargers, if I have interpreted the markings correctly.

Markings on them are as follows: -

FB 0152J GT2530-63T 446179-21
FB 0131J GT2530-63T 446179-21

Both of the compressor housings and both of the turbine housings are stamped with the genuine HKS markings.

£100 collected gets them!

Post up or PM me with any interest/questions.

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