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As title, I have a set of 10" x 18" Panasport G7 3 piece rims for sale or Swap.

There in general good condition, there is minor kerbing on them, and the lips on 2 of the rims have slight dings on them that would tap out easily once the tyres are removed.

Centres are painted in midnight purple, but look black until you get close to them.

These are very rare rims, but there not to my taste.

They have 275.35.18's fitted to them, 2 brand new toyo proxies on the back and 2 almost new falken 451's on the front.

I will sell them for the right money, but would rather swap for a set of 18" TE37's, Rota GTR's or Ultralite WP-789-A-TEC / Ultralite WP-755-NURBURGRING or similar and they need to fit onto an R33 GTR.

Obviously as my tyres are nearly new, I would want good tyres on your rims, or swap the tyres over.

If your interested then send me a pm.

I have some pics of my rims but they are not the best.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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