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The crazy thing is that the ******s are actually going to spend public money, which is supposedly in short supply, to impose the 50 limits. Just like the speed humps and the rest of the crap. I just want to kick someone's head through. That's about the only way to put the message across.

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i have absolutely no faith in this govt listening to us
maybe they will do the right thing and prove me wrong
though i do remember them saying they would make things better for us many moons ago
just a shame i have never met any of the "us" they were talking about
but, like the murphy's, i aint bitter

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You should take a look at some of the other petitions and how few signatures they have.

Amongst my favourites:

1. Give every new school child a nit comb - 10 signatures
2. Introduce slipper sole performance stds for UK supplied slippers - 11
3. Ban manufacturing outside of the EU for ALL UK supplied goods - 6 (real practical!!)
4. Create a car tax for people who keep their car parked and don't use it on the road - 5

5. Legislation to prevent the media referring to overweight and obese people in offensive terms - 5 (I am 16 stone BTW :chuckle:)
6. Create more things for teenagers to do in our area (fails to mention which area!!) - 9
and my favourite:

7. Reduce road tax on and petrol prices on Vespas and remove VAT on Fred Perry Shirts and STA Press Jeans - 2 (NFI what jeans those are)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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