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YES, everyone that is correct.

At the end of October a car from Canada will be arriving at our facility and we'll be making 4-5 items that are PHR specific that us and a sponsored shop will be offering to the public for the time being.

Starting out is the Turbo kit, Fuel system, Intake Manifold, Larger Oil Pan.

these items / kits will all be made to order AND SHIP!!

This should open up a HUGH window for everyone to see the quality and worksman ship that we offer as a company of over 15+ years in the business. Were new to Skylines but well known to the Supra Community and the relationship that we have. We will be bringing the same quality as we have offered in the past for Supra guys.

Hope everyone is interested and will hop on board with the support and interest.

We also look forward to getting an R33 and R34 GTR in the shop also, if anyone is interested to get labor free and parts at cost then let me know!

Had one guy on here that is a mod wanting to do it but he wont respond. :p

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