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Something for our many satisfied PIAA wiper blade customers:thumbsup:

In keeping with the PIAA ethos to continually improve vision for drivers, PIAA is proud to announce its VISION range of products. Developed through extensive tests involving competition and on-road testing in a variety of circumstances, they are perfectly designed to give you the ultimate in screen clarity – however demanding the conditions.

A high quality additive, PIAA VISION Screen Wash keeps windscreens incredibly clean, repelling rain, sleet and snow and even helping to remove flies and insects. Although it works extremely well on its own, even better performance can be obtained when used with PIAA VISION Protect and Coat. PIAA VISION Screen Wash also enhances the already brilliant performance of PIAA Super Silicone Wipers, ensuring excellent visibility is maintained all year round - in all weathers.

PIAA VISION Screen Protect and Coat
Manufactured using a unique laboratory-developed formulation, PIAA VISION Protect and Coat was initially devised to meet the demanding conditions of motorsport. So for everyday safety-conscious motorists it will easily cope with anything they are likely to encounter. Carefully designed to prevent rain, sleet and snow sticking to all exterior glass surfaces, it can be readily used on its own or, for even better performance, used with PIAA Super Silicone Wipers. At speeds over 40mph, it helps rain disperse and therefore maintains a much clearer screen, reducing the need to constantly use the wipers.

PIAA VISION Screen Cleaner
Again, developed from extensive motorsport testing, PIAA Vision Screen Cleaner is a scientifically designed formula for use on automotive glass. It is the only cleaner recommended for use prior to fitting PIAA Super Silicone Wipers and before applying PIAA VISION Protect and Coat. Unlike some household glass cleaners made from poorer quality ingredients, it leaves no greasy residue which can cause distracting and annoying smearing. No abrasives are involved, making it ideal for acrylics as well. Although designed to work on its own, it is also a tailor-made first stage when using other PIAA VISION products.

All priced @ £5.99 each

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