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I haven't but being nosy, you changing your wheels Jim?
Decided to keep the car?
I don't think so. Would love the keep it but just gotta be sensible :eek:

Just saw a piccy somewhere else of chrome Bee-R rims on a silver R32 and was surprised at how good they looked. Just got me thinking so thought I'd ask :)

I ummed and ahh'd about taking the Advan SAR's off and punting them on Driftworks as I've been told by quite a few people that they'd easily fetch £7-800 which would set me up nicely for some new Rota GTRs. Although I like the black Advan SARs with the polished lip I know that it's marmite to most people, which means that I'm probably cutting my potential market down a fair bit for selling the car by leaving them on. Just thinking that if I can change my rims to some more mainstream 5 spoke silver Rota GTRs (and use the almost-new tyres off the Advans) for almost nil cost then it might be an idea.

Anyway there ya go :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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