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Right guys as you know I had a Mk2 Audi TT that was nice but so boring . So I was on swapz and noticed this baby :beer:
Negotiating for the last two weeks and finally got it this afternoon , I've wanted one of these for years and there like rocking horse shi* so quite pleased to get it . The plate is good R33 VSP as its a R33 V spec with custom leathers , electronic dampers CD player DVD player etc . It's also got quite a bit spec and running over 500 brake so the guy told me . He took me out in it and scared the living sh*t out of me and wasn't even booting it , I thought the Rs was quick but this is on different level all together .
Got the car and the battery need changing but what a tw*t to do as its in the boot right at the back and it a git to get to , also got old style immobiser lol and lock with the key , proper old school took a few quick picks when I've done enough posts
1 - 20 of 77 Posts
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