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Ive decided to sell my piking gear, which goes as follows,

1;- 12' Rod hutchinson Terminator 2.75lb rod
1;- 12' ESP 2.50lb rod
1;- 7' shimano nexave 5-15grm spin rod
1;- 6' toothycritter 150grm jerkbait rod(1 piece)

2;- 10000XTE baitrunners loaded with berkley 12lbs line
1;- ABU AMBASSADEUR C3 RHW Multiplyer loaded with 50lbs Penn Braid
1;- Badger baitcaster multiplyer loaded with 50lbs Penn Braid

1;- Roll-up rod bag
1;- Fox bait cooler bag

Also included is about £200 worth of terminal tackle, eg.. traces, floats, hooks, forceps, spare line, trace making equipment, etc....
Plus, around about £800 worth of lures which are in a proper lure box, most of which are from the Harris catalogue.

All the above is in mint condition and has only seen about 2 seasons useage.

Cost new about £1900, will accept any decent offers,
PM me if you are interested.
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