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dont know if any one else went to this on here?

Dunton Technical Centre today had a charity day , and loads of performance cars turned up which were taking "jo public" on the test track which they have

its only 2mins down the road for me and i know quite a few of you on here work there....

was on from 10-4...but i got there with Rashman at 2 :chuckle: (late night saturday night down southend so hence the delayed start)

really nice to get up close to some of the exotic cars and hear them at full chat too.

we were let in to the show parking once we said we had a GT-R (oh and some germanic AMG):cool:

2 R35 GT-Rs there.... one with an EVO sticker /Godzilla numberplate...david was this yours?

35 sounded like a mouse in comparison to the other things on track :chuckle:

couple of snaps

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