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Best Car Magazine (Japan) has some more news regarding the upcoming Nissan GT-R.

After all the leaked information about the new GT-R’s mechanical specification, it’s nice to hear about what preparations are going on within Nissan dealers in Japan. Best Car have jumped off the ‘mechanical spec’ bandwagon and are concentrating on the actual public release of the GT-R in their October edition.

3 Grades of GT-R

There has been a lot of conflicting information regarding the various grades of GT-R to be sold but this time around Best Car report on actual printed advertising material sent out to Nissan dealers in advance of the preorder starting date. The advertising handbills (they’re not actually sales brochures) clearly state the 3 grades of GT-R to be sold with their associated prices and specification levels. Best Car won’t elaborate any more on this though! We’ll have to wait until the next issue goes on sale…

Preorders Taken From September 20

As of yesterday some Nissan dealers in Japan have taken preorders for the new GT-R in an official nationwide preorder strategy in which dealerships can elect to start taking orders between September 20 and 24. This preorder strategy will continue for one month until the GT-R is released to the public for the first time on October 24 at the Tokyo Motor Show press day. It has been noted that Nissan is stringently upholding it’s preorder policy, apparently the customer cannot cancel the order once it has been made. Nissan sales staff have been told to make themselves very clear about this to the customer so as to avoid any confusion. It seems Nissan are very serious about GT-R sales and the whole process of buying one will be an experience in itself.

Deliveries for the new GT-R will begin in December this year in Japan.


Words: Justin Karow

Source: Best Car Japan

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We had to stop disclosing new Nissan R35 GT-R data on internet due to some political reasons. :-<
Anyways, you can check the owner of domain even it is not working YET.
So alternatively, you may even say "Link does not work YET."
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