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15th April Donington Park at £219 (£208 for club members)
• 23rd May Brands Indy day at £249 (£236 for club members) and also 23rd May Brands Indy Evening only at £119 (£113 for club members)
• 27th June Brands Grand Prix sessions at £319 (£303 for club members)
• 15th July Donington Park at £249 (£236 for club members)
• 7th August Snetterton300 at £179 (£170 for club members)
• 21st October Silverstone GP at £409 (TBA for club members ~ £388)
• 15th December Silverstone GP at £299 (TBA for club members ~ £284)

We also will have the opportunity to do Goodwood with the EVO team on 1st July for a full day at £275 including hospitality and food and £70 extra for passengers and spectators (also including hospitality) No discount. To be booked at

We will also be attending some of the EVO evenings with EVO and again these need to be booked direct at £130 per car up to two drivers
10th May Bedford Autodrome
14th June Bedford Autodrome
31st July Brands Hatch Indy
16th August Bedford Autodrome
6th September Bedford Autodrome
All EVO events must be booked direct with them at

These events will be launched individually and discounts are based on a minimum attendance of 5 cars apart from Silverstone where the minimum is 10.

The first event at Donington Park will be launched over the next weekend when I have full details.

We may be doing a Spa/ Nurburgring event during the season and this will be announced as soon as confirmation of dates and prices are received.

We are hoping that 2019 will be an epic year for the GT-R Drivers Club and that these track days are only part of what we have planned for the season. We will also have our tame BTCC race driver, Jake Hill, as instructor at most events apart from the EVO ones

The Track Days will be on the Events section of this forum, and names to be added there please ONLY. All payments must be made 5 working days before the event.
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