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Here we have my new design sub box kit available from stock in kit form.

We all know how rubbish the Bose sub is if you like your music so here is my plug and play replacement which hides underneath your existing Bose plastic enclosure for a totally invisible installation. I currently have both Hertz HCP1D 700w mono blocks amp and JL Audio JX500/1d amp to compliment the Kicker L7 Solobaric DVC subwoofers.

The new box design increases the volume of my old design by almost 30% and allows the use of a Kicker L7 Solo-baric Dual Voice Coil 8". With its patented square design, it has 20% more cone area than an 8" and in my opinion, having had one in my car for many months now, is the nearest sound you'll get to having a 10" driver hidden behind your Bose cover. With the subwoofer having a power rating of 450w RMS - one of the highest 8" ratings out there, it really does kick well.

Square vs. Round:
  • More cone area results in greater sound pressure produced by the woofer
  • The massive motor structure of the L7 paired with KICKER's patented square-woofer technology provides extreme output capability
  • Heat-sinking cast aluminum basket provides a strong motor foundation and maintains low temperatures during long-term operation
  • Injection-molded SoloKon™ is our most advanced cone design, adding targeted strength for reliable performance and accurate response
  • Patented corner-ribbed, double-stitched Santoprene® surround provides durability at high excursion with uncompromised sound quality
  • 360° constant-contact back bracing adheres directly to every contour of the cone to maximize mechanical coupling of the motor, maintaining precise linear excursion while making the woofer as strong and responsive as possible
  • Heavy-duty speaker leads are stitched and glued to the spider rolls for reliable performance when pushed to the limits
  • Progressive-roll spider keeps stress away from the glue joint of the spider landing for long-lasting reliability
  • Venting in the back-bracing of the cone and perimeter of the spider landing provides maximum air-flow to cool the voice-coil during operation
  • Dual Voice Coils with high-temp copper windings handle extreme power levels for long durations without burning out
  • T-cut top plate extends the magnetic field of the motor, adding balanced motor strength throughout the entire excursion path of the voice coil
  • Solid-dome extended pole piece maintains precise voice-coil control and aids in heat dissipation

The box is 18mm longer than the old design, flared arches at each side to match space inside the trim and is chamfered at the top to allow a much flatter mounting.

This kit includes:-
Sub box enclosure with plug and play lead (MKII) at RRP £215
Kicker L7 Solo-baric 8" at RRP £179
Hertz HCP1D 700w Digital amp at RRP £299
Audison Connection FPK700 4 AWG Power Wire kit at RRP £79
Audison Connection Y-Splitter at RRP £8

Total RRP = £780

This kit I can offer at £695 inc VAT and Free Shipping.

If you want the kit with a JL Audio JX500/1d amp (500w) then it will be £575 inc VAT and Free Shipping

Both amplifiers can be hidden from view behind the carpet in the boot for a stealth install.

Kits come with step by step instructions with colour photos and I would say takes around 2 hours to install. The sub is already mounted in the enclosure with stuffing/fill to promote the enclosure volume.

All of the connections and wiring, including the plug and play cable are professionally made and I only supply proper Audison Connection products including professional grade fuse holders and fuses and top quality wiring kits.

I'm an authorised Hertz / Audison reseller so have the backup to all my products from the manufacturer for easy advice and support.

Anyone is welcome to come and have a listen to my car (Preston / Manchester way). It has this exact sub kit in it.

Drop me a PM if you are interested in a kit

Thanks for looking

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