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PLUG and PLAY Front Door Speaker Kits and Audio Systems are NOW AVAILABLE

Its taken me the best part of a year to develop a plug an play option for the Bose audio systems in the GTR and I now have a solution which means easy installation and greater flexibility of equipment choice. Better still, the installation of my new plug and play lead doesn't even need a screwdriver to fit. You can actually get to it by pulling two clips off a piece of side trim and plugging it in without trim removal.

This plug and play lead gives you proper full range RCA plugs for you to plug directly into an after market amp or processor. There is no need to remove the AV Unit or unscrew anything.

These leads are being professionally manufactured from my design and are the only ones in existence.

I can now offer a full plug and play kit which suits your budget or level of enthusiasm for your car audio.

There will be a basic front door system available and then there will be some options to expand on the power or control of the system which you can use to add to the system. I have personally run every piece of equipment in the kit and all of the options available so its all proven to work perfectly for the GTR Bose equipped cars. I will happily give you honest opinion on the levels of equipment so you can make an informed choice on your perfect system for your car.

The kit includes almost exclusively Hertz equipment as this is, in my opinion, the best equipment for the job at this price level. For example, the Hertz HSK 163 3-Way Component Speakers used in this kit have a high quality 3" midrange driver which fits the OEM Bose 3" speaker locations. Hertz compact range of amps are small enough to fit in the spaces available in the GTR. I'm an authorized Hertz/Audison reseller so rest assured, the backup is there behind me from the manufacturers if needed.

Standard Plug and Play Front Door Speaker Kit including Amp - FORUM PRICE - £699 inc VAT
  • New Plug and Play Front Door kit lead for easy installation
  • Hertz HSK-163 3-Way Component Speakers (Full Retail package with fitting kit, grilles etc)
  • Hertz HCP2 2-Channel Amplifier (full retail box - 2 x 65w RMS - Optional HCP4D or HDP4 upgrade available)
  • Pair of Mid range Speaker adapters
  • Pair of Bass Speaker adapters
  • 2 x Speaker output cables cut to length and bullet terminated
  • 1 x Audison RCA lead @ 1m
  • 1 x Audison FSK-700 4 AWG Wiring Kit (Worth £79)
  • Crossovers come pre-wired up and correctly terminated
  • Very High Tac Sticky tape for Crossover mounting
  • Screws and accessories
And of course :-

A FULL COLOUR manual with step by step instructions. Written for DIY fit or to help an installer take much less time (and no extra parts) to fit.

The Hertz HSK 163 set of speakers retail for £400 on their own. Combined with a Hertz amplifier supplied in this kit, this is a high end setup. Everything in this kit is completely invisible once fitted. The speakers are all behind factory grilles and the amp is under the passenger seat

Options available :-
  • £180 - Hertz HCP4D amplifier upgrade which can deliver up to 2 x 290w RMS into your front doors when bridged to 2 channel or if used with my sub package, 2 x 85w RMS and 1 x 290w RMS for your Sub.
  • £99 - Hertz Centre Channel Kit comprising of a Hertz 3" mid range driver (identical to front door kit mid range), spacer adapter for perfect fit, fly lead with spades on for connection and instructions. 5 minutes to fit !
  • £99 - Hertz Rear Channel Kit comprising of a pair of Hertz 3" 2 Way Coaxial Speakers, pair of spacer adapters for a perfect fit, fly leads with spades on for connection and instructions.
  • £359 - My new MKII enclosure design with Kicker L7 Solobaric 8" Subwoofer installed. Will require at least the HCP4D upgrade above so a single amp will run both front doors and subwoofer kit. This is a special price when bought along side this front door kit.
  • £280 - Hertz HDP4 amplifier upgrade. If power is your thing then the next model up from the HCP4D is this HDP4 with 2 x 150w RMS + 1 x 500w into 4 ohms for the sub.
  • £399 - Audison bit Ten D Processor with DRC Remote Control with setup file tuned to a GTR - See below
  • £75 - Bluetooth Wireless Connection kit for the bit Ten D to allow older cars without Bluetooth audio streaming to connect their devices to their GTR
  • £69 - Front Door Sound Deadening Package including 10 sheets of Skinz 3mm Sound Deadening and 3 sheets of Skinz 6mm Panel Liner to cover the door panel to prevent rattles
Shipping :- FREE

Centre Channel Kit Installed

Audison Bit Ten D Processor Option :-

For anyone wanting the ultimate in control and sound quality, I can now offer the phenomenal Audison bit Ten D processor for your car. I have worked in conjunction with the UK distributor on a setup for the GTR which will blow you away. This processor is the baby brother to the Audison bit One product but with a few less inputs (which we don't need) and at nearly half the price is excellent value for money considering what it can do.

Normally seen in top, high end installs and not normally recommended for self-fitting due to the nature of the tuning required post install, I can now offer this as a plug and play option with the inclusion of a fully configured setup file, professionally performed by Audison's distributors. This setup file will come pre-loaded onto the bit Ten D and will have :-
  • De-equalized the system which removes any post processing nuances from the head unit
  • Time aligned speakers outputs with distances measured of your speaker locations and digitally time adjusted audio signals so that the sound all arrives in your ear at the same time.
  • 31 band graphic equalizer setup to increase and decrease areas of the sound waves to account for positioning, speaker characteristics and cabin effects
  • Crossovers set according to the performance capabilities of the subwoofer and front door bass speakers with appropriate roll off frequencies set.
The bit Ten D also allows you to plug in a laptop yourself and play with the settings on a different pre-set which can then be chosen on your DRC remote control in the car to better suit your taste of music or audio preference. With an A/B button on the remote, easy selection of two setups can be chosen on the go. Great for your hip hop slam ride on setting A then smooth classical music cruise on setting B :)

Audison bit Ten D - DRC Remote Control:-

Picture of the DRC installed in my car :-

The bit Ten D also comes with a stereo RCA auxiliary input so having done some research, testing and configuration, I can supply a 12v Bluetooth Audio adapter with the bit Ten D option which will give you guys Bluetooth Audio streaming if your cars don't have it already. Here in the UK, earlier cars before Nav was introduced had no audio streaming so this will solve that problem. I've installed it in my car and have my Iphone 5 connected to the cars system. Be aware that it won't play out of the centre or rear channels, the control of your tracks and album selection will need to be done via your phone, the volume will be controlled via your phone or the DRC remote from the bit Ten D and you will need to connect to the device each time you want to use it.

Bit Ten D - Software supplied which is already setup but gives you the option of connecting a laptop via USB to the device to fine tune your own car

To give you some idea as to the effectiveness of the bit Ten D when tuned properly. I was lucky enough to have an ex-pro music studio producer appraise my GTR system with the full kit in as above without the bit ten D being tuned. He was impressed but by using his reference music, told me I had some missing sound. A Massive Attack track was the reference material used. The bit Ten was then tuned in and it was interesting to see on the software screens what the tuning had done to the system. Even the left and right had different EQ settings despite using the same speakers. Suffice to say, he then played the audio again and he told me then what instrument was missing on the before play. I couldn't really argue to be honest as he was right. There was a drum beat which just turned up ! Having the A/B test to confirm a before and after, the results were remarkable. I also couldn't believe what I was hearing with regards the vocal placement. I was so happy with the before with the vocals brought up right to the top of the dashboard and like I have said in the past, it was like having Ellie Goulding sat on my dash. The digital time alignment has actually moved her to right on top of the steering wheel !! It is amazing to hear. As you can probably tell, I am extremely happy with my setup. This setup files for the GTR will be pre-load onto the bit Ten D before shipping it out.

Extra bonus :-

Having hunted high and low for OEM connectors for the speakers, my center channel and rear speaker kits now come with an OEM connector on my fly leads so there is no wire cutting to do....simply plug the Nissan connector into my fly lead and away you go. Fully reversible by simply connecting back your stock speaker.

Also, in your doors when you need to link your new HSK-163 component speakers to the existing wiring, there will be one of these connectors on the end of the input to the crossover so that you don't have to do any cutting either. Simply plug it into the OEM wiring and you have signal. Unfortunately, on 2009 cars, they used a different method on the door speaker so this OEM plug won't work but you can simply snip it off. Be aware that the only wires you break into over the entire install of this kit is the speaker supply to the doors which is accessed when you put your amp under your seat. You can always run your own speaker cable to the doors but having to go through the grommet in the doors is a pain not worth going through if there is wire already run for you. I have had to import thousands of these OEM Nissan connectors as they aren't available from Nissan and this is how these type of things are sold :confused:

Speaker Fly Lead for Centre and Rear Channels:-

Two types of front door kit plug and play cables have been made for me depending on whether you are installing a bit Ten D or not. The Audison bit Ten's inputs are just bare wires so no need for RCA plugs. Here is my latest delivery:-

If you have any questions about these kits then please drop me a PM. Fitting can be arranged depending on location or SVM can fit these kits for you if you don't want to do it yourself. SVM actually have a demo stand for these kits if you want to listen to the quality of it. Contact Amar for more details.

I can also help you with non-Bose equipped cars.

I'm happy to work with you on budget and system requirements to configure the system you are looking for. If you want to discuss your specific requirements as to a system then please get in touch for some advice.


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hi Andy great write up on the front door kit i already have the sub kit that you made very impressed with it i'm now ready to change the front door speakers i already have a set of hertz 163 that i removed from my old car and wanted to install them how much can u do the plug n play wires and mdf adapters for?
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