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I just got back from Poland having taken part in the track event at Tor Poznan.

I have lots of video footage and had a great time. Unfortunately it got off to a very bad stat as you may have already heard. On the street track event at the start one of the super cars went into the crowd and injured 17 people. No one died but they could have done. Lots of people are blaming only the driver who of course lost control but why the hell were there no safety barriers? It was promoted as a race track. There is no way an event like this would be run in the UK without a full risk assessment and safety barriers.

In my opinion the Polish authorities and their police should take a long hard look at why they allowed this to go ahead without adequate protection for the crowd. There are quite a few videos but here is one.

The crowd are right up against the track (road)! That is asking for trouble.
Also there were lots of people in the braking zones which you can't see on the video. What would have happened if someone breaks had failed, lost control, hit oil on the road or any other combination of things.... smack right into the crowd at 100mph with no protection. Yes the driver messed up but there were other factors. Lots of people on YouTube are going after the driver because he is the easy target but what about the police and authorities. They let this madness go ahead. They called it a race track and when it went wrong they called it a road.

The good news is last I heard everyone is going well and they two children involved who had broken bones are both on the mend. After this terrible accident the people of Poznan were really understanding to the other drivers. Everyone involved just felt sick at what happened.
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