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There has been a lot of speculation on how fuel regulators are fabricated, and the quality of their components, so I decided it was a good Idea to take them apart side by side and evaluate their differences. Please let it be known that we fully stand behind any of these regulators, as we sell hundreds of them with a slim to no failure rate. However, I know pictures speak louder than 1000 words. These are very similar parts they have a few differences. Some are simply cosmetic, but there are also some differences when it comes to their internals.

I used standard -10 regulators to make sure we compare apples to apples. No matter which size inlet you get the internal components are shared thru out the manufactures line up.

Once apart the differences become apparent. The Aeromotive regulator is the only one that uses a stamped piece of sheet metal for the spring cap. Both the SX and Fuel Lab use a CNC piece of brass, but only the fuel lab has a ball in the top for the adjustment screw to sit against an important feature to prevent the screw from wearing the metal out over time.

Once disassembled you can see, that the bottom of the diaphragm has a ball that sits against the base of the regulator in all of them, and the rubber material is obviously shaped differently in all of them. Even though to the naked eye it appears and feels to be the same type of material in all of them.

For the Weldon, the main points that I would like to highlight is that it has the CNC Hat, just like the SX and FueLab. However the ball on the top of it is not fixed; it simply rests there between the adjustment screw and the hat. It is also the only one that has a sleeve in the bottom of the spring so that the spring’s sharp edge is not rested directly against the soft diaphragm material. On the return port, the Weldon uses a sleeve inside the return port that is removable.

You can be confident that with any of these regulators, you will get a quality piece. The only differences between them are the look, price, and some structural differences that could sway a person one way or the other.
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