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Hi Everyone!

I have a few questions about my R33 GTR that I bought last autumn and has had a fair few issues since I bought it.

The car has twin AX53 turbo's which I think have failed.

I was driving the car up long incline, 3rd gear at around 0.8 bar boost (low boost) and as I hit the redline
to change gear, I noticed a cloud of white smoke errupt behind my car (oh gosh :( ) ... anyway I pull over and as I'm slowing down, I notice the water temp seems too high, high 90's, when usually around 79-82oC

At first I thought it was the head gasket or something, I can't remember that much it was a bit of a blur
I think it might have been running rough too, like about to conk out.

Anyway let it cool right down and manage to nurse it back home driving slowly and its smoking a bit, black smoke but
that looks more like over fueling and running rough at the overrun coming to lights.

After another test the next day I noticed the white smoke still blasting out (I think it was actually on the over run)
so quickly get it back home on the drive. Also then notice that the water has poured out of a pipe on the
back of the engine.

The pipe was so awkward to get at we spent ages having to remove the starter and it took me and my dad ages to get to the top bolts
nightmare. Anyway repaired this and also my dad took apart one of the AFM which was causing the car to cut out completely by doing some soldering and electrickry.

Also did a compression test on engine, which was good on all cylinders.

Car now runs fine, but there is no boost or smoke when driving with throttle, well I think about 0.03 bar registers on the greddy profec B.

Also it runs a bit rough when pulling up at lights (only when engine is warmed up to operating temp) with black overfueling petrol smelly smoke, like its over fuelling because maybe its waiting
for the turbo air which its not receiving - the revs die and you have to blip it to bring it back to life. It also pops and bangs a lot.

The only think I've not done yet is check the turbos for their turbine wheel or span the compressor, as I've heard this is common to go pop and disappear - sometimes even being sucked into the pistons.

I can HEAR the turbo or turboS starting to spool a little bit when I put my foot down but its a very distant sounding spooling sound and no proper whoosh, maybe one of the turbos is working? There is absolutely no more white smoke though which is strange.

I also looked at the wastegates to see if they were stuck open but the flap looks to be pointing 90 degrees
down towards the ground which i assume is in the shut position. I also cannot for the life of me move any of the wastegates with my hand, neither could we operate the wastegate actuator with a bycycle pump attached to it to see if the pressure would activate the flap.

Does it sound like a typical turbo failure with the sudden white smoke? why would it stop smoking, usually I thought that turbos that are blowing a ton of smoke keep doing this.

I'm just trying as many things as possible before I take it into a specialist to get the turbos replaced.



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Hey dude sorry to hear about your problems. It sounds like your car has a fair few problems all piling up to rough running and no boost! Honestly I would take it to somewhere like abbey where they can diagnose the problem on there hub dyno without the risk of damaging anything.

Hope you get it sorted, I know what it feels like to have a very poorly gtr ;(

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It could be very simply that you have just blown a boost pipe off, probably behind the bumper, hence the smoke from overfuelling, poor idle and no boost
I hope / wish! it could be a pipe, but I thought it would run rough all the time if the pipe was off. Also I can't hear any hear leaks and the boost is so minimal (read almost zero) it would have to be completely off.

I'm going to check the turbo wheels now, time to get me hands dirty again lol.

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