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I was wondering if someone has some experience with the PFC (L-Jetro) + Commander Pro Software? I came across with this optional part from Apexi by checking their website. From what I understand this will work like the the DataLogit but genuine from Apexi?

I'm very interested in buying the PFC for my R33 GTR project, however something that makes me think about it twice is the lack of "tunability" through a laptop with map tracing etc features like other more advanced/expensive standalone softwares/ecus.

From what I understand you can buy alone the PFC (L-Jetro) w/o the Commander (to save some bucks) and buy separately the Commander Pro software or the PFC ecu when new does come with the Commander included as only option available?
To be more precise, the PFC Commander Pro software will work w/o using the PFC Commander display/control or it will work only in conjuntion with the Commader controller?

As I understand, the Commander Pro will replace the Commander tool using a laptop to tune, correct?

Any feedback it's very appreciated.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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