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R33 GTS-T RS5R30A gearbox currently in a Z32 housing (easy swap) with PPG 1st - 4th Helical Cut Dog Ring Gearset (Dog Box - no synchros) Ratios: 2.651 / 1.682 / 1.251 / 1.000 / Std. This box enables lightening fast, clutchless gear changes. Just pre-load the gear lever, momentarily lift off the throttle and the gearstick will slam into the next gear in less than a second! This is an immensely strong gearbox that will take up to 600 Bhp without breaking a sweat (just look at the size of the gears!). Only 3.5 hours running time since built with all new bearings, seals etc. Cost £5464 new back in May this year! £3,000

Take a look at the video below for a demonstration of the box in action:


Should probably mention that the engine was massively down on top end power due to an experimental turbo restrictor plate but at least it shows we've run the box unstressed since the build!

Gearset and billet gear selector forks just before being fitted
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