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As many members already know we operate a fantastic bodyshop dedicated to delivering excellent customer experience.

PPG Refinishing are our sole Paint Supplier and for great reasons.

PPG's commitment to our Company has now stepped to the next level by offering a "Painted for Life" Guarantee on the work produced by ourselves.

We offer paint programmes to suit many budgets and tastes.

A base PPG respray starts from a humble £4000 ex VAT and 3rd party materials such as seals and glass removal.

We offer a chemical upper body total paint removal, exactly as it says it is. This can be extended to engine bay, boot and floor pan if so required.

Our popular Laquer options go to fully Ceramic finish, a permanent solution to paint protection and durability at another level of paint performance.

We operate our own In-House paint mixing programme. A dedicated heated room filled with exotic paints and tinters. All mixing is digitized and draws on PPG's 4 million plus colour range chart plus shading with our own Digital Paint Camera.

If your Skyline, GTR, Porsche, Bentley or any other car needs paint we feel you need look no further than here.

Please feel free to contact us for details about our services, warranties and paint options.

We offer a collection and delivery service if required.

We are dedicated to delivering a world class service.


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