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Hi, we are MintCo Automotive and we provide pre-purchase vehicle inspection services.

Our approach
– We are prompt and diligent
– We are flexible
– We use the highest standards of inspections
– We are knowledgeable in vehicle engineering and have individual inspection approach for each and every model
– We particularly specialise in high-performance models of Porsche, Nissan, Bentley, Audi/VW AG, BMW, Mercedes-Benz marques

What we check
Our standard inspection includes the following checks:
– Technical condition
– Bodywork damage and previous repairs including paint depth sampling
– ECU faults
– Road test
– Aesthetics

The advanced Performance Package adds the following to the standard scope:
– ECU data analysis for engine & gearbox (actual values readout & analysis)
– Launch controlled starts counter
– Temperature warnings counter
– Engine wear appraisal
– Gearbox wear appraisal
– Driving style

We run a fair pricing policy with no hidden costs.

Our prices start from £100, however for Nissan GT-R and performance cars we recommend our Performance Pack, which costs £160 for inspections in London.

We are based in London and prepared to travel UK-wide, however, inspections outside of London will incur an additional travel fee depending on the distance from London. Please contact us with a vehicle location postcode for quotation.

Our Reviews

We use the following software in our inspections
Nissan GT-R – EcuTEK
Porsche – PIWIS
Bentley/Audi/VW AG – VCDS
Mercedes-Benz/Smart – Xentry/Star Diagnose
Rolls-Royce/BMW/MINI – ISTA Rheingold

Other makes – Launch X431

Contact us
07710 867 321 | Click here to text us in WhatsApp | [email protected]

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I’ve used MintCo on four separate occasions. Several friends have also used Ivan including an inspection for a GTR.
The MintCo team are great professionals and help you make a decision on the car within hours of inspection so you can move first on any desirable vehicle. They always work around the clock to turn around inspections on cars and travels across the UK. They provide great detail and thoroughness regardless on which car they is inspecting. They run thorough checks including bodywork, diagnostics by plugging into the car ECUs and engine, chassis, suspension etc. They have saved me from buying a crash damage Porsche Panamera which was very well repaired.
I’d recommend them without hesitation and I’m very fussy. Also, compared to the cost of the car the inspection is a fraction of the value of the car. In the long term, inspecting any vehicle by MintCo, I’m sure this will save you money and hassle in the long run.

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I was very impressed with Ivan from MintCo. To the point I would happily buy a GTR without seeing it if he gave it the all clear.

I haven't found my perfect car yet, but when I do I will be asking MintCo Automotive to come and inspect it once more.
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