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Hi all.

Have noticed that some of you guys has an Bee R Rev Limitter.
I had my one a couple months ago, but has not get it work correct yet :(

I am 100% sure that the wiring is correct.

Red: +12V
Black: -Ground
Green: 120* (CAS)
Yellow: 1* (CAS)
White: Hand brake connector

When "Swich1" "Swich2" and "Gain" is set at "0" everything works as usual (Because the Bee R is at "OFF" mode off course).

When "Gain" is set at some other value (1-F), the car don´t start at all.
It doesn´t matter where "Swich1" or "Swich2" is set.

When i start the car in "OFF mode", and When the car is ideling in neutral, it dies in a few seconds if i change the "GAIN" buttons to something else than "0"

If i start the car in "OFF mode", and give it a little gas (just say around ~2500-3000rpm), the car still runs if i change the "GAIN" button.
Same thing here, if i change the "Swich1" or "Swich2", nothing happends.
If everything had worked here, the ignition had been cut depends where the "Swich" buttons are set at, right?
But as soon i let go of the gaspedal, the car dies :rolleyes:

Would be very glad if some of you had the same problem, and have a solution you guys want to share with me.

I don´t have a Apexi P FC.

Cheers// Tommy Hammar

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GTR RICH said:
Thanx for the link.

But it did'nt helped me out :(

Tried to swich the green and yellow wire, but nothing unusual happends.
I did cut the black cable (Ground), and the car finally started.
The red light was on the whole time (Note: The black ground cable was not fitted)

As soon i placed the ground to the chassie, the car died.
If i just quickly touched the ground to the chassie, and then removed it, it cutted the ignition, and the car revs up again.

Help me out here guys!

Cheers// Tommy
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