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Probably the most complete GTR in the UK shame the pics dont work anymore.
one nicked from the Battalion for you :) Plate tweaked as its not my car.



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Thank you.

Wow - its been a while since I updated my build thread.

As stated on the previous page - my built engine failed last year May and A LOT has changed since then.

The failure caused me some upset as expected but I wasn't about to give up. One thing was for sure - I wasn't going to leave the car sitting around for a long time. Eurotour was 5 weeks away. The simplest option then was to rebuild motor back to the same spec as this would be cost affective and fairly simple. I wasn't happy with this as was never satisfied with the circumstances around the failure. I was going to build it again - but build it a lot stronger than before.

A call was made to Tim Radley - Race Developments, and it was clear that he was the man for building my next motor. We discussed various options - and I quickly decided that it was time to go 4.1 Stroker. :)

An order was placed immediately with Tony - T1 Racing in Texas for the following:

Brand New Block
T1R 4.1 Stroker Kit
Sonny Bryant Billet Crank
Manley Rods
Manley Pistons
Full Ferrea Race heads setup
Titanium Valve Train
Oem sized valves
Uprated Springs etc

and all other associated necessities like timing gear, tensioners etc required for a fresh new build.

If I was building a stroker - I wanted all the head work too.

End result being - I managed to get my car back on the road WITHIN 5 WEEKS of failure and made it onto the Eurotour. :) This was a collective effort between T1, Race Developments and JM Imports.
The car absolutely walked the eurotour without missing a single beat. Only little hiccup being a leaking oil return pipe towards the end of tour which was quickly and easily resolved in Budapest.

As the car was off road for a few weeks - I decided it would be wise to drop Iain Litchfield a quick call to have my EFR 7163 turbos looked at and refreshed if necessary. A good chat with Iain led to upgrading this kit with new cores to 7663. :chuckle:

I was going 4.1 so this would compensate for the couple of hundred rpm in lag with going with the bigger compressor wheels.

End result can only be described as SAVAGE!!! Those EFRs were simply ridiculous on a 4.1 stroker. Forget lag, the instant response made this car incredibly fun and fast. Putting the power down was another issue however. We had to focus on the syvecs bringing in boost more progressively which kind of started to defeat the unique characteristics of these efrs.
I was happy - I swore that this setup wont be changed. Many people drove/experienced my car and the feedback was always positive.

The car stayed this way for 12 months. :)

But something happened 4 weeks ago!!!!! :eek:

The car went in for bigger turbos and more power! LOL!!!
Over the last year - working closely with Dimitri Keramidas (Syvecs Tuner) I began to work out the power Im missing out at up top end where these EFRs run out of puff. But who needs top end power when you have lightening fast bottom end spool??? To make the car driveable - the efrs were not being used to there maximum capacity low down anymore. It was an emotional decision as this Litchfields turbo kit had had my heart for the last 2 years. I had never experienced anything better.

So time for a change! :smokin:

Its Boost Logic 1300X time. :chuckle:

I was always concerned with spool as my car is not a dedicated drag monster. Objective always was a Ballistic fast road/circuit car that can also hold its own on a drag strip. After a lot of thought and research - I placed an order for the BL1300X kit but with a twist. I had them modified to have smaller custom exhaust housings to aid with spool - at the cost of a little bit top end power.
New turbos led to a new Boost Logic Plenum finished in Illusion Gold along with BL 12inj kit and hardware. There was absolutely no reason to be replacing my HKS setup - but hey ho.

Dimitri suggests that this kit will be absolutely devastating - and this was the perfect time to upgrade to some high lift cams! Added GSC billet cams to my order.

Some may have seen that after all these new additions - my car went to SRD's dyno on Wednesday. It was a nervous moment and 1 sleepless night.
Turns out there was absolutely nothing to worry about.

Car made 1463hp with 1124 lb ft of torque at 2.5 BAR!!!! Thats 1272 WHP!!! :squintdan:squintdan:squintdan

We were planning on pushing up the boost to 2.8 bar - but decided not to as ignition was starting to struggle to keep up. I was OVERWHELMED with what we had achieved so was totally happy not to risk anything. Soon we'll update plugs and head back to dyno when Dimitri is next in the country. :)

Although I'm singing my dyno results - we all know very well that these numbers cannot be sworn by. Everyone has their own methods/corrections/opinions on dyno - so feel free to add/subtract whatever you like. Its the WHP that really matters. Whatever maths you want to apply - the car is an absolute animal.
Im looking forward to collecting it in the next day or so - but if John Morgans and Dimitris findings are anything to go by, the car is savage.

A little - not so little update for those that may be wondering where G2GUV went.

Cosmetically the car has also changed a fair bit. I will add more to this thread when I next get the opportunity to do so. :)


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Congratulations on the new build. Nice write up.

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Again - haven't had the chance to update my build thread for a fair bit of time.

Its been an eventful year. Have been having some great fun with the car - before deciding all of a sudden that I didn't like the look anymore! Lol. I was fortunate enough to finally treat myself to my ultimate dream car - a BSB R34 GTR, so it was time to take the 35 off the road over winter to treat it to some cosmetics. :) I always dreamt of having a single turbo stroked 34, so the timing was perfect to keep me occupied. Soon after purchasing the 34, a unique opportunity smacked me in my face to purchase a series 3 R33 Vspec powered by a RIPS RB30. :) This also joined the Bhattel household. :smokin:

Anyhow - Ever since the MY17 Top Secret Kit was launched for the R35, I felt I needed this in my life. After a few phonecalls and discussions, I placed an order for the Complete front and rear Top Secret Bodykit, including the carbon lowers and Top Secret MY17 Carbon Bonnet. I managed to sell my DBA complete front end to a friend, along with my Kream Fenders/Wings and Complete JCR Carbon Aero. So I wasn't about to go back to oe wings. To spice things up a little - I opted for the all new Varis Kamikazee fenders which have always had me drooling!!! :chuckle:

The biggest decision had to be the rear wing! I wanted something different. There were a few TS styled GTRs around the globe now with Nismo style rear wings. I decided to stay away from this look. After much deliberation, Buzz swayed my decision (or made it for me). Do Luck Racing low mount rear wing. This was the only aspect of the 'new look' that I was nervous about! Simply wasn't sure if it would work, and whether I would be happy. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!! :)

As you have seen - the car was wrapped in dark anthracite matte grey. I can honestly say that I am DONE with wraps now! It was time to slap on some paint. Was there ever any doubt what Colour I would end up with??? lol.

I genuinely now feel the car will always stay as it is now. I am overwhelmed with the results!!! And I need to stop modding! :eek:

We have been dialling the car in further, on the dyno and tarmac. Last month, the car made 1558hp on JM Imports Dyno. That equated to 1308whp with 1121lb ft torque!!! Its simply brutal in every way. :squintdan

Not keen on smashing the drive train whilst on a drag strip, I was advised that slicks are needed to really get the most from the car. Internet is a dangerous thing in my life - as I soon fell in love with some Belak Industries Drag wheels. Got back on the phone to Tony at T1 Racing - and a few weeks later - they landed. :smokin:

I will add a lot more details later - but here are a couple of pictures of the current situation.


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Best GTR around this has it all power, looks interior oh and that dash just awesome and owned by a top guy.

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