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Hi guys! I'm finally about to get my first GTR after years of wishing and I was hoping someone could give me some advice? I've seen a really clean R32 at an importers just down the road from me that I really like. It has the usual stage one mods (no uprated ecu) but......
It has two mods that I'm not sure about. One is a Greddy boost controller (running a bar) and the other is a Grid TS dancer. Although I know what these two bits of kit are I'm a bit concerned that they may be signs that it has been driven particularly hard or drifted in Japan. The car is about as good as you could hope to find with low miles and great body work (the underneath is like new) but is there anything to look for that can confirm or dismiss this fear apart from the usual checks?
Maybe I'm just being paranoid but any advice would be great!
Thanks! :thumbsup:
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