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Hi guys Hope you do not mind the intrusion,(we are slightly out of section I know) SVM have finally finished and released their latest Project “The Qashqai R” and would like to share.
Back in March 2012 we purchased a brand new Nissan Qashqai +2 one of the UK’s best selling SUV’s Our Idea was to build a purpose built high powered version, sharing the same platform and running gear as the R35 GTR.
The Story begins ***61514; The new Delivery takes place from Colliers in Birmingham as you can see the car arrives on the back of the Transporter
Not so sure the Sales person knew exactly what we had in mind

Our objective was to take and marry a complete R35 into the Qashqai for this to happen we needed our R35 .. A “My 12” in perfect health was our chosen Donor vehicle
The Qashqai and The R35 meet back at base..

The Full plan was to remove all the parts required from the white R35 and pop them inside the Qashqai, add a little more HP into the mix and out comes a 1000bhp hybrid SUV
Sounds easy lol
Lets Piece together and consolidate the story, how we got on***61514;
First up ..Take the new Qashqai to pieces

Now for the R35

Both stripped on the Ramps

Both cars have to go down to bare bones, On the GTR No Wings/Roof and on the Qashqai No Floor!

To take the floor out of the Qashqai a Jig is required to hold him in place ***61514;

The floor is removed

The R35 laid bare

The Qashqai with no Floor ***61514;

Having stripped both vehicles the Marriage begins to take place The Qashqai engulfs the R35 inside
Its structure as he is lowerd into position

R35 Inside

The very basics were on there way so to speak..but still in reality a very long way from completion.
A first fit engine test was carried out, Would the R35 engine and rads +++ all fit in and under the shorter bonnet? Time to check!

Looking good we decided to add a little more Power products to the project from the SVM parts bin
Enough to push 1000bhp!

The Engine and Gearbox is assembled with all the relevant new parts

The Engine and transaxle are fitted into the Qashqai

R35 modified brakes and suspension are used in the assembly ***61514;

Engine More complete ***61514;

Now for the inside, not easy this one, as the engine is circa 4” further back column and dash prove difficult tasks ***61516;
However patience and perseverance paid off . SVM have used All of the Gauges and Controls from
the R35
John checking the fit!

End Result, a Roomy surreal R35 experience from inside the cockpit .. An R35 With panoramic
Views lol

We have taken time to the Attention to detail both inside and outside i hope the group of pictures
Capture some of our passion ***61514;


The Project to approximately 10 months and was recently displayed at the NEC Autosports 2014
IT caused a little stir ***61514; (Graphics were removed after the show)

Hope you have enjoyed the look back at The Qashqai build project, a little mad I know ***61514; He has now undergone some serious tests and we are very pleased with the shake down results.
We are hoping to evaluate our results on video/V-box /Dyno and Track asap .
For more info and to read the whole build please read from the link in our project section

Again my apologies for the intrusion caused, Not many Qashqai R’s about
Regards Kevan
KK ***61514;


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I feel violated that this has infiltrated the Skyline section. Had it been an RB.........


Seriously though, thats fantastic work there! Interested to hear how it handles.

Utilising the 4WD transmission it will even be able to go 'off-road' LOL..


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Love it!

Hope it will be as reliable as the standard version. I own the exact same car and in 2 years / 20,000 miles, it has need nothing, apart from petrol. Great cars!

I would love to have your one for a weekend and wipe the smile off the face of some ML63 AMG owners. :chuckle::chuckle:

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Thank you, Sir.

Much better looking on your side of the world:

You're not kidding! Might have been a little less work with the larger Murano, but still, what an edveavor.

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Hear he Is :)

Vosa have visited SVM and are very happy with the build

Documents are being processed :thumbsup:

I asked Would I get arrested If I drive and they said No...So hear I am :flame:

All within the speed limit :) (Honest)

Power tests will be conducted on a circuit or track :thumbsup:

Many new products are being provided on the QR hear is the Thread link

As soon as I know about the in and outs of documentation I will let you guys know
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