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I have a Daytona Blue 11 Plate, Just under 27k miles from new currently, unmodified in any way, 1 owner from new and full service history with recent brake and front disk (Alcon) replacement plus new OEM tyres (3rd set from new) in March. Fitted Yellow Top battery a couple of years ago and have Tracker and Reversing Cam.

I am thinking of ordering an 18 model and best used prices tend to peak around summer so considering selling now, and just using the Mrs car for a few months. Valuation seems a bit tricky though as Pistonheads and Autotrader prices are all over the place.

I currently also have Rays VR on but would switch back to the standard wheels and keep the Rays for the new car.
Hi Andy, apologies I have been unable to reply due to being a new member with less than 15 posts! If you could drop me a message with your email address I will reply(not sure how else to get hold of you!) I did think about spamming another 11 posts but quickly thought better of it!
21 - 22 of 22 Posts