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Yup .. I made some changes coz of my bandwidth problem (I only get 3Gb per month free and it's now over that!).

I revamped the way the left hand panel works ... before it had 2 pictures of the "Home" "Owners' cars" etc (one red one grey) and swapped them when the cursor went over them .. Now it uses nifty css code to just change the colour of the text when the cursor is over it ... Net result is that you don't have to load 18 little gifs for the panel ... or the controlling gif swap code :)

I took the opportunity to rename "Message Board" to "Forum" as it seemed more accurate :)

I also stopped the top right GTR logo animating as well as the GT badges and zapped the XHTML logo at the bottom of the home screen ... All these changes save about 40k per person per visit .. or 500Mb per month ... and makes it all faster too.

I'm experimenting with having the Pictures page on a different web server too. it seems to work but I'm finding that sometimes the other links freeze... hmm :)

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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