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Hi, I am an absolute R-32 enthusiast and really would like to own an R-32 as my first car, especially as how they are now able to be insured under classic car insurance. In a perfect world, I am looking to buy a cat-d written off 32 and specifically an RB26RV engine. I would like to be able to modify it with my own personality and take it to car meets and modify it to be able to hoon around on track days.


WE have a absolute cracking R32GTR Japanese Timeattack Road legal car coming up for sale. This car has a shopping list of parts it's a weapon. Give us a call if your interested.

Fully built from bare shell (pictures of build)
2.6 Engine 500 WHP
Trust oil pan
Garrett 2860-5s Turbos
Custom oil catch tank
044 fuel pumps in collector tank
Swirl pot
SARD fuel rail
SARD 700cc injectors
SARD fuel pressure regulator
R33GTR Gearbox Fully Reconditioned
Koyo side tank radiator
Oil cooler 22 row
Intercooler trust 3 layer
Carbon cooling panel
LSD front and rear Cusco
Exedy triple plate clutch
HKS one off suspension
F50 Brembo
Front upper arm
Rear upper arm
33GTR member
Auto select master cylinder
Chassis strengthening:
Full spot chassis
Fully welded in Roll cage
Controller and CPU:
Link G4+ With AEM wide band
HKS mixture controller
HKS boost controller
HKS circuit timer
Defi link controller
Field torque split controller
Recaro driver***8217;s seat
Carbon shift knob
Carbon doors
Front and rear FRP fenders
Acryllic glass
Rear diffuser
Carbon bonnet
Carbon front splitter
TE37 17"9J

Regards MGT
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