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im selling of a few things

A mines Ecu Stage 1 mod: price 160£ delivered

The details for 237010 24U00 are as follows:

1. This VX-ROM is for BCNR33, MT, 1995, January - 1998, December.
2. The Speed Limiter has been removed.
3. Increased Rev Limit from 8000 to 8300
4. Reset the injection and ignition timing

The boost setting isn't detailed, so this will be standard.

This is info i got on it.. this should fit r32 gtr aswell i think.


Standard r33 gtr turbos in good condition. 6-70000 miles on them if i calculated correct.

Price 250£ ono


r33/34 RS*R Lowering springs 30mm almost new, only done about 1000 miles

lowers v-spec 30mm and non v-spec 40mm

Price: 120£ ono


Original Rb26dett Coilpacks.

110£ delivered

all items are in sweden.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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