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Just thought I’d share this with the rest of the GTR32 owners out there.
Until I build my monster AP racing brake kit, I needed to drastically sort out the abortion of braking coming from my ’90 R32 for the time being. For a car this size / power etc, they’re frightenly shite to say the least.

So, just to get the car through the rest of the session (big brakes in winter), I did the following:

Skimmed 0.6mm either side off my V spec front discs (30.8mm width now)
Stripped & inspected each caliper – found the OS to have 2 pistons sticking. Cleaned & polished all 8 pistons & thoroughly cleaned the callipers. None of the inner seals needed replacing. The outer seals aren’t mint but will see me through this year.
Bought Ferodo DS3000 pads
Installed Goodridge stainless brake lines
Flushed the entire brake system & replaced with AP Racing fluid (£15 a bottle)
Installed a none branded Brake master cylinder stopper of ebay for £22

Since then I’ve covered about 250 miles, most of which were motorway miles, going up to XXX then stamping on the brakes to 70mph (you need this speed to cool the discs & bed the pads + discs in)

Well, yesterday I used the car in anger for the 1st time, & the results are well worth it… I stamped on the brakes a few times on the boil through my local back street lanes, and, well…. it bloody stops!!! As a stepping stone until I get the bigger brake kit installed, this setup is putting a nice fat smile on my face every time I use it now.

Discs skimmed £40 (Turboforce, Preston)
Ferodo Pads £130+VAT (RB Motorsport)
AP Racing brake fluid £15 (Ebay)
Goodridge Braided lines £80 (Ebay)
Brake master cylinder stopper £22 (Ebay)

Total £307

Results: Much better than anticipated and I don't have to worry about kicking someones back doors in everytime I try to stop.
Done all the above, But still crap at stopping.

Went for the R34 GTR brembo set at a cost of £1,400 for Pads, DBA discs, R34 GTR calipers and goodridge brake lines, Brake master stopper.

Well worth the money and can now stop.

Please also note that if you up the power of the car, Then you might need more power to stop it.
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