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Hi guys,

I've recently put my GTR on the road and I seem to be having a few issues, I'll try to put as much detail in as possible.

Whilst driving the car has started cutting out which I first thought was myself as the car has an os giken twin plate and was taking a bit of getting used to but now it seems to be happening a lot. When I'm slowing down and my revs now seem to drop below the 1k idle to nothing and the car will cut out. However, before this the car will start to hesitate and judder as I'm driving and lose power quite quickly. The car will then start but then instantly cut out again and does this repeatedly for a while. I'm really not to sure what it could be, it often happens just after I've put fuel in but also happens at other times too. At first I put it down to some dodgy esso supreme fuel so have stuck with shell vpower since but it's still happening.

Today it happened a lot, I had a good scout in the bay, check all boost pipes but all seems ok, however I noticed that when I got it running, I knocked the maf a tiny bit and it cut out but not sure if that was just a coincidence too.

Has anybody else experienced these symptoms or able to provide a possible diagnosis. Due to unforeseen circumstances I am having to use the car daily for a couple if months so any help in fixing it would be greatly appreciated :)

Many thanks in advance

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