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1995 Skyline R33 GTR Nismo V-Spec ( R28 )...
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Godzilla has a nice bark to him, goes well with his nasty bite! 馃榿馃馃槣

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I was kindly gifted a R32 GTR Hyper revs magazine and when first receiving it I opened it to a random page and there staring me in the face was a Silver R32 S1 with Black LMGT4 wheels just like mine and I loved the look so I decided that is the way I wanted to go with the car.

From there I started getting in contract with local decal produces as I wanted to make the car look like an S1 from a distance but have all the decals that refer to S1 and Omori reference EndlessR in homage to the build.

Here are the shots from the Hyper revs that I blame for my new addiction:-
View attachment 267171

View attachment 267172

View attachment 267173

Below was the result. I started off with the stripes on the sides and bonnet as they were the most striking and obviously most difficult to line up and apply.

View attachment 267174 View attachment 267175

Next up the S1 decals, I wanted to have something slightly different so replaced S1 with E1 in the same font and changed the subtext

View attachment 267176 View attachment 267177

Followed closely by the wing decals and the door decals, replacing S1 again with E1, Om factory with Endless and the new style nismo badge with the old style as I feel it suits the age of the car better.

View attachment 267178

View attachment 267179

Probably not to everyone's taste but ultimately being decals if I get bored it's easy to take it all off again! :) I really like the look though.

View attachment 267180
hey man , looking nice .
where did you get the nismo stripes from ?
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