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My dad (Geeb on this forum) has decided that it is time to move on from the Skyline - and buy himself a "more sensible car" (in his words).

I am therefore placing this advert on his behalf. If you need more information about it then please send PM's to GEEB or myself (and I'll forward them on to him).

Details about the car :

It's a G-plate R32 GTS-T Type M. It has MOT and TAX until next Easter. It's a relatively standard car but does have the following modifications :

- 16" Enkei alloys with plenty of rubber left on the tyres (has wider 225 tyres on the back).
- Invidia exhaust (which is a cat back system and has an Abbey cat replacement pipe).
- Running 1 bar of boost I believe ... and produced 200hp at the hubs on Abbey's Dynapack dyno.
- Has uprated suspension - shocks and springs (but I can't remember what it is). I do know that the fronts are adjustable on the top of the shock.
- It has bigger brakes (utilising 300ZX TT calipers).
- Had a top-end engine rebuild done by Middlehurst (prior to dad purchasing - but he has the paperwork).
- Front strut bar on there as well.

Comes with a Clifford alarm + immobilser (Concept 300) as we'll as a Clifford Virtual Key additional immobilier.

The car has been used as dad's everyday car ... and in the 3 and 3/4 years he's had it, he's never done any track time or dragging, etc. It's sole use under his ownership has been road use - so it's all road miles.

The bodywork is a tatty in places (see the pictures), but mechanically the car is good.

I've driven this car and I have to say it does perform very well.

Here are some pictures .... I'll post up the general ones and then I'll highlight the bodywork issues.

Now the ones showing the bodywork areas that need work on :

(kerbed alloy)

Dad is asking £2350 but is open to sensible offers.
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