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R32 GT-R HICAS Code Help?

Hello all,

I'm working on a '94 Skyline GT-R that has had HICAS removed, and I'm trying to do some testing with the modified system to play around with it. The HICAS was removed by removing the solenoid from the engine bay, looping the hoses so that it now routes through the mini cooler up front then back to the pump, then cutting the green wire to the HICAS computer so the light doesn't pop on during normal driving. This has led to the typical loss of speed-sensitive power steering.

However, when I plug my CONSULT into the car, rather than getting codes for the HICAS Solenoid or the Failsafe Solenoid (both of which were removed), I instead get Code 4 for the Power Steering Solenoid. This solenoid is still in place, and seems to be working properly. That is, the steering gets very heavy if you interrupt signal to it (such as with a bootleg CONSULT adapter, as noted in the thread "Hicas Light On / Heavy Steering When Consult Connected" over on SAU). In addition, I have followed the full diagnostic procedure in the service manual, and everything seems to check out.

The resistance on the solenoid itself is 5.7~5.9 ohms whether you read from the solenoid cable itself or the solenoid plug on the CONSULT plug, and with the ignition on the solenoid plug on CONSULT reads a steady 5.7V. According to the manual this means it's perfectly within spec, but if that is the case, why Code 4?

I have already tried replacing the HICAS computer entirely with another HICAS computer from the same year and it worked the exact same way--pops a Code 4 but no other errors.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Honestly I would be super stoked if I could get it to pop the errors for the HICAS and Failsafe solenoids. At least then I'd be moving in the right direction!

Thank you in advance!


So I got suspicious that maybe Nissan DataScan I was lying to me. After a significant amount of trial and error (no thanks to seemingly only one person on the whole internet writing down the correct procedure, and even the service manual getting it wrong) I managed to get HICAS into diagnostic mode. It flashed codes for 2, 5 and 7. 2 makes sense, though I'm still confused as to why codes 1 and 3 didn't pop up. 5 and 7 don't make sense since I know my steering angle sensor is working properly and so is my vehicle speed sensor.

So in short, Nissan DataScan's HICAS diagnostic has a bug in it, and now I'm as confused as ever as to what's going on.
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