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Hi all. My R32 gtr is up for sale.

Basically i bought the car with an engine fault.
Gave it a full rebuild.
Put it back in, done 2k miles with no probs at all, and now its up for sale as my other project car is needing some time spent on it.

6 weks before buying it, the car had the following done at abbey motorport ( with full recipts to proove) £3500 worth

Full inspection and report
Bulbs replaced
New gear lever boot
Steel inlet gaskets
n1 water pump
New cambelt
New tensioner and roller
Front upper top links
Rear outer hicas joints and steering arms replaced
Full tracking
cv boots
dyno run
hks plugs
new ally rad

Ok, the spec of the car is as follows

1991 R32 Gtr 120000kms on car......2000k on engine


Project M 1 bar Ecu ( currently running stock boost )
New battery
New N1 water pump
New thermostat
New oil pump
Acl race bearings ( big ends and mains )
hks steel inlet gaskets
New valve stem oil seals
New head gasket
New timing belt and tensioner+ roller
New koyo big alloy radiator
Hks mushroom filters
Full veilside exhaust
HKS oil cooler and filter relocation kit


Os Geiken twin plate clutch

Potenza street shocks and springs all round


Turbo timer
Sony cd head unit

6 months tax
Mot till mat 2010

Toad cat 1 alarm

Currently using it as my daily car

Bad points:
The body work is not 100%
There are lacquer blisters on the bonnet
Small crack on the front bumper next to passengers head light
Couple of light scratches here and there.

Pics of all the bad bits are included

£6100 ono

07548 483685


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really tough market for these cars now...

starting to fall below 4k for stockish cars...
some tuned cars going below 5k ...

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I may be better off breaking it for spares.

I nothing happens within the next few days,il get it up on ebay, then from there il start stripping it.

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Thing is you didn't list if you had changed the turbos or what was left stock when you built the engine again. That put me off from offering money for your car as I'm in the UK currently looking for an R32 GTR. Unfortunately I'm returning home today.

Just my 10p nothing else.

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Turbos are stock items. Everything is stock and original unless ive listed it otherwise.

Im not selling a show winning 600hp R32

Its just a tidy Daily used car with a fresh engine and a few minor sensible mods.

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not sure you'll get the money by breaking it... much more work tho.

how bout trying to sell it in EU or Ireland, Euro is almost 1:1
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