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Dual core 52mm radiator for R32 GTR.

I bought this in error for my R33 but its about an inch to short!

It's been in the car but only for about a week. Has had my electric fitted to it and so has 4 small holes where the bolts have been pushed through the fins (does not come with the fan or sensor shown on pic)

Overall size including tanks but not cap 445mmx660mm
visable core height 380mm
core thickness 52mm

£110 delivered (DHL)



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Hi Ant would you say this is for a 32GTR poss

cheers Gaz
Please excuse the interjection.

If it's any help I've just fitted a very similar unit to mine. I had to retap the hole for the temp sensor - looks like it's been done on this one. I couldn't get the stock fan shroud inplace (no big loss IMHO).
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