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R32 Gtr black forged

Forged Engine head and block £2500
Gearbox £350
Prop long £80
Prop short £40

Greddy rail £120
Steel turbos £450
Koyo rad £200
Standard front mount £80

Avs alloys with new tyres £700
R33 Gtr Brembos will need pads £600

Greddy hardpipes £300
Vailside cat back £200
Decat £20

Meister coilover £550
Custom made front strut brace £150

Wings £100 each
Bonnet with holes for n1 lip £150
N1 lip £60
Front bumper with n1 vents and bottom lip £450
Front iron £80
Headlights £100
Rear lights £30 each
Rear bumper £40
Windscreen £200
Boot lid £40
Rear spoiler £80
Indicators £60

Rear diff £300
Rear hubs £150 pair
Rear shafts £100
Front hubs £70 each
Front shafts £60 each

Greddy guages oil pressure,water temp and boost £200
Boost controller gizzmo £120
Handbrake cables £60

Seats £350
Door cards £40 each
Rear lower panel £30
Upper rear window panel £40 each
Dash with vents £80
Gtr speedo £150

Glove box £20
Centre stereo surround £40

Carpet £50
Complete boot interior £100

Starter motor £50
Alternator £40
Power steering pump £40
Aircon £60
Vicious fan £40

Gtr Key with all locks inc ignition barrel £200

Shell will be sold once all the above is sold .unless a deal is done with other parts still fitted .

Prices are all plus postage and PayPal fees .

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Would like to pick up those upper rear window panels when I get paid on Friday if they are in good condition, as mine are crumbling awfully. Could you send a couple pics of the backside to [email protected] please?

Thanks in advance! :cool:

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Do you have R33 GTR rear calipers? If so, are you willing to split from front calipers?

Steel turbos, standard turbos rebuilt with BBs and steel wheels? Any idea on where they came from and how many miles they've covered? Also what boost were they running.

Is the hardpipe kit different to this: Greddy - Aluminuim Intake Piping Set - Nengun Performance because this is £220 new?

Yes I would sell the rears .

The turbos where rebuilt by turbo dynamics I was told but no proof of that . They are just steel internals so nothing fancy .

They were running standard boost and have done no more than 2000 miles .

That pipe kit is different . But hard to see on my phone but looks like just one pipe they are selling .

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Great, how much for the rear calipers then please? If it's not too much trouble I would appreciate a picture of the thread in the caliper where the brakelines attach please. The reason I ask is the thread on mine was damaged when removing the brake line. If they're in good condition & the price is right I'll take them.

Pics or details of which hard pipes they are in that case please :)

Cheers :)

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Hi there,

Do you have the centre console for sale?
Same as this..
R32gtr centre console | eBay

It's actually just the fascia surround i need as mines is broken.


Sorry for the late reply . That is now prov sold . I do have another one with a very minor crack at the bottom .

You can have that for £25 posted plus the fees .
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