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Just gauging response at the moment, I have my original engine sat in the garage waiting for me to strip & rebuild, but I am not sure I am going to find the time.
This was totally rebuilt by Middlehurst in 1999 and has given me faultless operation in the 4 years I have had the car. Not sure what internals it has but I presume they are standard. It does have a steel head gasket.

It has taken my car to a best of 11.91 @ 114mph.

It has been replaced because it developed a light tapping noise between 4000 & 5000 rpm which was diagnosed as a spun shell but I am not sure. Tapping not evident at all until the engine was warm. There was no drop in performance at all. I haven't had chance yet to get the sump off to check, but I don't think it's going to cost a fortune.
I should really keep and rebuild at my own pace, but curious to know what it is worth to someone as it is, because I might let it go.
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